Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But Mom, It's Only A Tattoo!

Several people have asked us when we are going to get your ears pierced. This question started almost immediately after we brought you home from the hospital. I have this thing about infants wearing earrings, it just looks ridiculous to me; yet I see babies wearing earrings all the time. They reminds me of the big bald-headed earring-wearing genie from Aladin without the baggy pants and the fancy bottle. Now if you were one of those really ugly babies, earrings may serve as a distraction from ugliness. In the case of those androgynous baby girls that always get mistaken for being little boys, earrings may help with gender identification. Those things can always be overcome by fashion. Earrings on an infant just look silly. Usually the people who love earrings on a baby girl balk at lip rings, nose rings, and eyebrow rings. The standard answer I give to everyone who asks "When are you going to get her ears pierced?" is this: "We have decided to wait and get her piercings after her first tattoo." This usually stops any further line of questioning dead in its tracks.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wouldn't Rain On Your Parade

I wouldn't rain on your parade. Well, maybe if it was for your own good then I would have to. Your mom and I marched in a bunch of parades when we were in the marching band in school. Today you got to be in your very first parade. It was a tractor parade. You and your mom rode on a float pulled by your Papaw's antique tractor. You had lots of fun with your cousins. There was no rain in site for this parade. In fact, there was so much sunshine that you wore sunblock and a hat. Your mom said you did good until close to the end. Then you started to get a little fussy because you were hot. It was for the fourth of July. If it wasn't hot it wouldn't seem right.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's The Bully?

I have my own theory, but I asked your teachers who the bully was in your class. One of them said that all the babies take turns 'bullying' and 'exerting themselves.' I think she wanted to laugh. My theory is that YOU are the bully. You are always beating me and your mom up. You had to get practice somewhere, and the babies in your class helped you get your moves. A favorite one is hair pulling. Then you like to pinch noses. Then you put your thumbs in our eye sockets. We should just throw up a white flag and surrender.

Treasures; yesterday, today, tomorrow

While we were visiting in Kentucky we looked at some things from your mom's childhood. There was a little doll that she played with. From the looks of it, it was well loved. It had moveable arms and legs and blond hair. There was also a little dress that she wore in a very cute picture taken when she was about your age. We gave your mamaw pick of outfits that you had outgrown. She chose your first pair of blue jeans and a shirt that went with them. They were a gift from one of your cousins. She also kept a pair of white cordoury pants and a sweater that were your 'mall clothes.' Oh, the good times you had in these clothes. You were a fashion icon in these outfits. Your mamaw will keep them with the treasures from your mom's childhood. I also got something to treasure. We visited over Father's day weekend and I got my very first Father's day card from you. I will treasure it always.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Going Low Tech part 2

We made the journey to Kentucky to visit your Mamaw. When we got there she was ready for you with some old-fashioned toys. These were the type of toys that showed creativity and making do with what you have on hand. The first toy was some clothes pins in an instant coffee jar. We think of "instant coffee" as making a trip to Starbucks, but this was the original convenience coffee. Not quite a latte, but it was fast. All you needed was hot water and you could have coffee in an instant. You could make it as strong or weak as you needed. You played with this homemade toy, shaking it vigorously. You liked the sound the clothes pins made inside the jar. The next toy was a simple plastic milk jug. Milk jugs are great toys because thay have a handle that makes it easy for you to grip and hold on to. You crawled all around the floor carrying it with you wherever you went. You could beat on it and not hurt yourself. One good thing about these toys is that they dont require batteries.