Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation Hearts

I'm posting a few days late but your first Valentine's day has come and gone. In a few years we will probably go to a traditional Father/Daughter dance around Valentine's day. Although I'm not much of a dancer, I'm rather looking forward to it but I'm a little bit nervous too. What will we talk about on that big night? Will we still talk so freely when you become older and I teach you how to expect a gentleman to act when he is escorting you? That is what these dances are really all about; fathers demonstrating to their daughters the way that they deserve to be treated by future suitors. I can't imagine you becoming a teenager and dating. 6 months has flown by faster than I ever thought possible. Right now I can pick you up and waltz around the kitchen with you in my arms. You love this. It makes you giggle. You are becoming quite conversational with your sweet little baby talk. Talking and dancing with you like this is nice. When we go on our first Father/Daughter dance we can get all dressed up. It will seem so formal. I hope I can still make you giggle when you are that age. What will we talk about when you are that old? Time will only tell, but you have all the makings of becoming a real sweet talker. For now we just dance around the kitchen in our pajamas, and the conversation flows rather organically without any of the pressure of life's valuable lessons.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dropped off by Daddy

Lately I've been noticing more and more just how many dads do the morning "drop-off" routine at your school. Seems like this is the "guy thing" to do, the dropping off. Mom gets to be the hero and rescue you at "pick-up time" at the end of the day. You don't seem to mind being dropped off one bit. You only cried once when I dropped you off, and that was simply a fleeting whimper that ended before I had reached the door. There is too much to see and do when I drop you off for you to become fussy. You are usually noticing the other babies or playing with whatever toys I give you when I put you down. We greet all the other babies in your class each morning. I want you to be well socialized. Then we play for a few minutes but I could stay for hours if I weren't so disciplined. As much as we may play or giggle in the mornings, there is always something else to grab your attention once we are there so you won't get upset when I leave. Your face actually lights up when we walk in the place. Then I call your mom, tell her who was there, give the fashion report, and finally head to work. Even after all these months the dropping off is still tough. Why do you think I am always late for work. All of the other dads probably have the same problem too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet Potatoes, Food Of The Gods

I wish I expressed as much enthusiasm and joy about my diet as you did with that ambrosia that we started serving you this week known as Sweet Potatoes. You just simply loved them and made the most rapturious faces when you tasted them. There wasn't much food on your face either. Sweet potatoes were too good to "feed your face" with. They pretty much all went directly into your mouth. That mouth opened wide just like a baby bird's mouth does. Then in goes the spoonful of sweet potatoes and you look like you have just tasted a culinary masterpiece. I teased you with the spoon a couple of times, getting you to move your head all around, transfixed on the orange colored contents. Then when you had enough of that I gave them too you. Don't get me wrong, your mom and I enjoy sweet potatoes too, but it is pretty obvious we don't enjoy them quite as much as you do. Just wait until you taste them with brown sugar and cinnamon. Or sweet potatoe pie! Or candied yams! I don't usually put marshmallows on top of candied yams but I suppose I will just for you. Well, your mom actually likes them that way too.