Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some funny stuff...

Been a while since I posted. Some funny stuff have learned a plethora of words. Also you have mastered calling me "Daddy" with a proper British accent. Not sure where that came from. At your check-up we counted the number of words you knew while we waited to be called back. 40 is the number we came up with. That's a lot for someone your age. That was 2 months ago. Now you know well over 100 words! I have contemplated learning Chinese so I can teach you. They say that it will be the language for your generation. I've also threatened to get you a pair of chopsticks to learn to eat with. One day when I was changing you I swear you said you had cat poop in your diaper. Lately we have been working on ABC's while on the way to school. You may not have the letters down but you sure can carry a tune! It also seems you could be a little boy-crazy. You chant the name of a classmate, "Parker, Parker, Parker" from the time your mom picks you up in the afternoon until the time you go back to school in the morning. Either you like him or he gets in trouble a lot and you are imitating the teacher. Playdough and Coloring are two of your favorite activities now. Could the arts be in your future? I'll just make sure to keep you supplied in crayons. Preferably the kind that are flat so they dont keep rolling off the table.

20 and 20 on the Twentieth

Today you are twenty months old, and it is our twentieth wedding anniversary. All on the twentieth of April. A lot has happened during the last 20 months as well as the last 20 years. You have become a terrific toddler and your mom and I have matured in our love. Not sure if you have rushed the white hairs or not, could just be age, but we have survived your childhood so far. I look at pictures of our early days and cant wait to tell you some of our stories. They will become part of our history as a family, 20 years in the making.