Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiptoe Through The Turquoise

Ok, it was my idea/fault. After you started walking I wanted to paint your toenails. There was some concern on your mom's part. Afterall, you were still putting those toes in your mouth occasionally. Understandably, we waited. Then the night before your birthday we decided to go ahead and paint them. I wanted to paint them turquoise. We needed something bright, bold, and daring. Those toenails were pretty small and we needed a bright color to show them off. Turquoise seemed to be just the shade. At first your mom was a little skeptical, but I convinced her. I was relentless. That evening when you were asleep, we did the deed! When you woke you noticed them and tried to grab your toenails. Something happened while you were sleeping to to turn them to a bright, beautiful color. Suprisingly the polish went with many of your outfits. We didn't realize just how many of your outfits had a splash of turquoise in them. Your mom liked it too. She even painted her toenails to match yours. You looked cool, like a big girl.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Walk On The Wild Side

About three weeks before your birthday you started walking. Hallelujah! Mobile at last! At first it was baby steps along walls and furniture and then you started venturing out back and forth between me and your mom. I really wanted you to be walking before your birthday and you did. Now a few well placed baby gates are in order to keep you safe. A lot of parents I talked to say that they lost weight when their babies started walking. I hope that is the case. I had also heard that barefoot is the best way to learn to walk and now I am cinvinced that it is true. That is the way you learned. Barefoot running is a trend in adults nowadays. Before long that is what you will be doing. And I will be chasing you. Or running from you, whatever the case may be. Barefoot, as usual.