Friday, January 14, 2011

Monkey Lips

With the cold days of winter upon us we have to make sure any of your exposed areas are protected! Your mom, in our morning routine, puts chapstick on your lips and cheeks. At first you didn't quite know what to do and tried to lick it off your lips. Don't feel bad, I still do that! After a couple of times you got the hang of it and pucker up when she gets the tube of chapstick out. We call it giving you "monkey lips." This could explain your love of bananas.

Long In The Tooth

I never quite got why the expression "long in the tooth" referred to getting older until now. Your teeth, which had been in for many months now, are beginning to get longer. I didn't realize this but your mom pointed it out to me. Guess I didnt notice, but she is better abour brushing your teeth than I am. As you have aged beyond "infancy" and towards "toddlerhood" your teeth have grown longer and sharper. Rabbits teeth grow over their lifetime, getting longer and longer as they age. Your teeth wont do that, but I am glad you are over your biting phase. These long teeth of yours would really hurt now!