Monday, June 28, 2010

Class Reunion

In the year 2027 you are going to be graduating from high school. I can't begin to imagine all that the next 18 years will bring us and you. First day of kindergarten, class plays, field trips, driver's ed, the prom, the SAT's, and finally, your own graduation. twelve years worth of experiences. Your mom and I graduated in 1985, during the last century. Her 25 year class reunion was recently held. It was neat seeing how people had changed and grown up, or at least grown old. Not bragging, but we were two of the youngest looking people there. I guess we were just well-preserved. Noone could believe she had you just 9 months ago. Some of her classmates were already grandparents. If we had stayed until the end of the party we would have won a prize for having the youngest child. Instead we lost to someone with a three year old, but we would rather get back home with you.

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