Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who's Afraid Of Santa Claus?

We took you to the local fire department to have your picture taken with Santa. There were plenty of babies there but none so cute as you. Some were dressed to the nines, at least as far as babies go. Newborn girls in tights, velvet dresses, shiny patent leather shoes, and those horrible headbands that look like some kind of garter belt on their little bald heads. Little boys in corduroy pants, sweater vests, button-down shirts and ties. Those kids were mostly all teary-eyed and flustered by the prospect of sitting on the lap of a man wearing a red furry suit in front of a fire truck. Hope they aren't scarred by the experience too badly. In your practical but stylish pink snowsuit, you just kept your cool composure throughout it all and shined like the diamond you are. Heck, you probably would have even ridden in the fire truck with Santa if we let them put your car seat in there. I would say that you 'glowed' for your picture, but glowing should be reserved for a more reverent experience.

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